EPD Python on Ubuntu

Enthought Python Distribution or EPD as it is popularly known as is a Python distribution with lot of libraries already available in it. Whats good about it? The libraries are in their latests version available (or may be one or two versions lower). Ubuntu repositories also have these libraries so one can install them from there. But, the problem with Ubuntu repositories is that they contain pretty old versions of the library. For example the current version of Networkx available in Natty repositories is 1.1 while that current stable version of Networkx is 1.5.

EPD is installed using the shell script installer enthought provides. I have installed it in the home directory. So by typing ‘python’ in terminal I do not have access to EPD python. What I did is the following – I made a link named it ‘pythoEPD’ and copies the link to ‘/usr/bin’. This way I will be able to access EPD python from anywhere on terminal by typing ‘pythonEPD’.

Although EPD has a good collection of libraries it might not have all that you need. I have not been very successful in installing downloaded libraries to the EPD library list. So it will be good to install them from ubuntu repositories using the awesome ‘apt-get’ command. But, these will not be available to EPD python. To make them available to the EPD python distribution one needs to add the standard python path to the EPD python path. To do that open terminal.

  1. Run python by typing – python.
  2. import sys; sys.path
  3. The above command will show you the standard python path. copy the entire list to clipboard.
  4. Open another terminal run – pythonEPD (to run EPD python).
  5. paste the list to a variable, say x.
  6. iterate over its entries and append it to the EPD python path.

Ralink rt5390 wi-fi driver on ubuntu 11.04

UPDATE (7-Feb-2012): Marko has created a PPA for the Ralink drivers. I should make our live much easier. Take a look at his blog (http://www.techytalk.info/ralink-wireless/).

I have HP pavilion dm1z laptop and it took me quite some time to install the linux wi-fi driver on ubuntu. In this post I tell how to install the Ralink’s RT5390 wi-fi driver on Ubuntu Natty Narwhal. The main source of the post is Ubuntu forums. So here it goes.

  1. Download the linux driver (RT5390PCIe) from Ralink.
  2. Extract it.  The files will be extracted to 2010_1216_RT5390_LinuxSTA_V2.4.0.4_WiFiBTCombo_DPO folder.
  3. Download all the patches except the x64_86 patch, assuming you have a 32-bit system, from opensuse website.
  4. Copy the patches to the folder – 2010_1216_RT5390_LinuxSTA_V2.4.0.4_WiFiBTCombo_DPO
  5. Goto the folder.
  6. Make the following change in  /os/linux/config.mk file – HAS_ANTENNA_DIVERSITY_SUPPORT=y (originally was n)
  7. Now run the following commands in terminal:
    patch -p0 < rt5390sta-
    patch -p0 < rt5390sta-
    patch -p0 < rt5390sta-
    patch -p0 < rt5390sta-
    patch -p0 < rt5390sta-
    patch -p0 < rt5390sta-
    sudo su
    cp RT2860STA.dat RT5390STA.dat
    mkdir -p /etc/Wireless/RT5390STA
    cp RT5390STA.dat /etc/Wireless/RT5390STA
    make clean
    make install
    modprobe rt5390sta

Link to the original posts on ubuntu forum: Points 3 and 7 are from Chilli555’s post #24, while others are from Akshay’s post.

UPDATE: It has been pointed out by Weldon in the comment section that the above method does not work for Kernels >=2.6.39. To know your kernel version you can type the following in terminal:
uname -r

UPDATE (5-Aug-2011):

  1. kpbotbot has confirmed that he can run wireless on kernel >=2.6.39 using an arch Linux fix available here.
  2. Ralink has changed the driver available. I old driver can got from here.
  3. The opensuse link above now points to new set patches. The old ones can be downloaded from here. You can try using the new version but I have not used it so cannot say much about it.

UPDATE (2-Sep-2011):

  1. kpbobot has pointed out in the comment section that the drivers are already a part of Linux 3.x kernel.